About Us

incubator13 is an accessible Employment Skills and Entrepreneurship Hub with a particular focus on youth, small business and young entrepreneurs. Our non-for-profit supports individuals and businesses by providing them with the education, knowledge, support, connections and skill-set they need to succeed.

How We Started

incubator13 is based at 815 St. Laurent Blvd., the so called former Rideau High School. Located at room 124, the school’s former computer lab, the space was converted during countless hours in the spring of 2019, to what is now an accessible, warm and welcoming co-working, workshop and event space.

incubator13 is a part of the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre. The project came into being as part of efforts to support the youth living in our community to secure employment and
have better life prospects. Operating since 2017, incubator13 has produced remarkable results in terms of providing information and support to young entrepreneurs, small businesses and people looking to develop their professional skills.

Since the inception of incubator13, 5 cohorts of the Youth Business Incubator program (comprising of 62 participants) have graduated. incubator13 has successfully organized 8 job fairs (241 participants attended, 43 secured employment), 5 entrepreneurial networking events and 3 major spotlight events. We are actively engaged with numerous employers from the National Capital Region and are an official partner of Magnet Portal. In addition to that, incubator13 frequently hosts workshops, seminars and networking events with selected guest speakers.

Our Mission

incubator13 is an accessible, youth focused incubation space that offers a variety of entrepreneurial coaching, training and support services, as well as employment & skills development services. 

Our Vision

incubator13 helps to alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment in the east-end of Ottawa and beyond by fostering youth entrepreneurship and skills development. 

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