Program - related questions

Questions applicable to both entrepreneurship/employment:

a. incubator13 is an Employment Skills and Entrepreneurship Hub, with a particular focus on youth, small businesses, and young entrepreneurs. We are an inclusive and accessible co-working space located in Eastern Ottawa, which combines Employment Skills and Entrepreneurship Training, and provides access to co-working facilities, as well as regular events and workshops.

a. incubator13 offers a number of different programs. These programs include:

      1. EnterpRISEing Youth+ is a program designed to help young entrepreneurs start their own businesses.
      2. Entrepreneurship Support is for existing entrepreneurs, small business owners and social enterprises looking for a helping hand.
      3. Employment Skills program aims to help youth develop skills to secure and retain employment. It is a six month to a year program that focuses on pre-employment training, experiential learning, and skills development.

b. To learn more, visit our “Programs” page.

a. Anyone below the age of 30 years old can participate in these programs. If you are above the age limit, we can help you find another service that answers to your needs.

a. Generally, incubator13 does not charge a fee for its programming. Reasonable fees can apply when it comes to room rentals and workspace, depending on your status (discount for youth, Ward 13 businesses, and non-for-profits). Contact us for more information.

    1. Some of the benefits to participating in our programming include: support to start or operate your business, help developing a business plan, opportunities for networking, marketing support, educational webinars and workshops (entrepreneurship, employment search, pre-employment, professional development), as well as access to the incubation space (a large open workspace where you can rent a desk and access free wi-fi).
    2. We offer our services in French and English.
    3. For more information, visit our “Programs” page.

a. Most of our services are offered on a volunteer basis, therefore it will last as long as you need our services, or as long as you planned on your tailored work plan. The only program with a specific timeline is the EntrepRISEing Youth+ program, which usually runs for approximately 3 months.

    1. To apply, please complete our registration form at the following link: https://incubator13.ca/programs-2/registration/. We will contact you within 48 hours of your application.

Questions applicable to the entrepreneurship programs:

a. incubator13 offers a variety of interactive workshops and webinars. Topics for workshops are aligned with the core program offerings, and with the requirements of the target audience. Most sessions are open for other interested participants from across the city.

b. Incubator13 also offers networking events with seasoned entrepreneurs.

c. If you would like to learn about a specific topic that we are currently not offering, please contact us (incubator@crcrr.org) and we will try to make it happen.

a. Get in touch with us (incubator@crcrr.org) and together we will figure out how we can support you.

a. This multi-week program focuses on areas such as; developing a business idea, target market identification and writing a business plan. Through the duration of the course, participants are paired with experienced entrepreneurs from the Ottawa region along with participating in a number of networking and workshop events. The completion of the program ends in a business pitch event where the entrepreneurs get to introduce their business ideas to a panel of experts.

b. In order to join the program, you should have a good idea in which area you want to operate and which product you want to offer. If you are not sure, contact us: (incubator@crcrr.org)

Questions applicable to the employment programs

a. You are welcome to connect with us (incubator@crcrr.org) again if you need more support in the future. Your file will not be terminated, only suspended in case you need our support in the future.

a. Some examples of employment skills training we offer:

      1. Offering a micro-credentials and specialized training program tailored to the youth needs. The course and micro-credentials offered focus on soft and hidden skills, pre-employment courses, and personal development. The curriculum is built with local training centres and educational partners;
      2. Digital skills training (MS Office, coding classes, website development, 3D design and printing, etc.) ;
      3. Employment and career mentoring with professionals from various sectors.

a. incubator13 organizes hiring sessions and encourages youth to participate in job fairs with partner organizations and private sector partners.

b. Job search support (individual and group consultation online and in person with employment specialists) ;

c. Employment search workshop and webinar (resume writing, interview tips, job search, writing your cover letter, building your brand)

a. Professional internships for students and youth (paid or volunteer) to acquire more professional experience.

b. Professional experience with the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Center’s programs and social entreprises

Questions regarding the renting of incubator13 space:

a. incubator13 offers a 2,500 square feet of flexible coworking, training and event space;

b. Young entrepreneurs who have graduated from our program can use our meeting and work space for free (terms and conditions apply)

c. Incubator13 has a private kitchenette, free wi-fi, projectors/tv, video production equipment, white board, computer access, and so on.

a. The incubator13 space is open to all individuals and businesses who are interested in renting the space for hosting meetings, conferences, recruitment or any other kind of business-related event.

a. incubator13 offers competitive prices for youth (under 30 years old), not-for-profit organizations and other businesses and individuals.

a. You can book our space via the following link: https://incubator13.ca/book-space/#

For more information, you can contact Incubator13 Team