market13 is a free digital marketplace where budding entrepreneurs can sell their products, so that they can gain a sense of what a digital market looks like. We aim to give them a starting point for selling their products online, so that they can eventually learn how to manage their own online store. market13 also provides educational resources for members of the program in order to learn how to manage an online business.

Why join market13?

  1. Free access to a Shopify store (up to 5 products)
  2. Participate in workshops, seminars to learn about digital marketing, online business management, etc.
  3. Support from established mentors
  4. Join a community of driven entrepreneurs from around ward 13 and the greater Ottawa area

To apply for the program, click here.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Be a registered business or artist within ward 13
  2. Less than 10 employees (if a restaurant, less than 25)
  3. Have already sold products and/or services physically or online
  4. Be able to deliver/ship/offer  products/services to buyers
  5. Have limited to no experience with selling online
  1. Be between the ages of 15 and 30 (incubator13 alumni will be prioritized)
  2. Be located in the greater Ottawa region
  3. Be able to deliver/ship/offer products/services to buyers
  4. Have limited to no experience with selling online

Why shop at market13?

  1. Lower shipping costs and decreased shipping time
  2. Direct communication with vendor
  3. Be able to enhance the local economy through supporting local businesses
  4. Decrease your carbon footprint and shop sustainably

Our Vendors