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The Youth Business Incubator program supports youth, below the age of 30, who would like to gain employment skills and/or start their own business.

With accessible work and meeting spaces, a variety of workshops and a community of like-minded individuals, incubator13 provides individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and social enterprises with the education and support to gain skills and to start, operate, grow and scale their businesses.

As an added bonus, the East Ottawa building also houses a number of not-for-profit organizations, and offers free parking as well as a number of on site sports facilities.


incubator13 is 2,500 square feet of flexible coworking, training and event space that has the capacity to host up to 60 people, depending on the configuration.

Our space can provide

Meeting Rooms

Whether you are looking for a space to hold a team meeting, need some privacy to meet with clients, or are hosting a board meeting, incubator13 has office space and private meeting rooms available to book that meet your needs.

Renting one of our meeting rooms is easy. Decide which space best suits your needs, fill in our request booking form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

For inquiries within 24 hours, please give us a call at +1 613 745 0073 (ext. 130).

incubator13 can also provide access to other onsite facilities such as the gym, tennis court, soccer field and more. Simply connect with us to inquire about gaining access.

Find Your Space

Small Meeting Room


4 max.


Monday - Friday

Ideal for holding small meetings, business development sessions and conference calls.

Amenities Included: WiFi and access to the kitchen and lounge.

Large Meeting Room


8 max.


Monday - Friday

Ideal for holding team discussions, hosting board meetings, client sessions and larger team conference calls.

Amenities Included: WiFi and access to the kitchen and lounge. 

Common Spaces

Kitchen and Lounge

The kitchen and lounge area at incubator13 is a great place to recharge your batteries, relax and meet other entrepreneurs. Take a break at our foosball table and refresh with a coffee, tea, cold beverage or a snack.

We even have enough space where you can store your own lunch or water bottle to keep cool.


Phone Booths / Private Space


2 max.


Monday - Friday

Quiet booth for up to two people available for phone/conference calls or a shorter meetings.


Still have questions?

For more info on us check our About Us section.

For more info about entrepreneurship and business check our online resources section.